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Climate Change

My Travels With Pope Francis -

... were praising the encyclical as a major moment in which the moral weight of religion - from one of the world's leading religious figures - was being aligned with the fight against climate change. But critics saw Francis as nave and wrongly inserting himself into the world of science. I expect Francis will find moments to promote his environmental position during the trip (such as ...

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(2319 words by



'Tetris' Ower Takes Hawaii Home And Ranch Off The Grid

... Henk Rogers, who manages the worldwie rights to the video game Tetris, opens his solar-powered battery unit that he uses to remain off the electrical grid, Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Honolulu. Rogers is announcing a new company that will sell and install the same battery units to residential and commercial consumers in August, hoping to help reduce Hawaii 's dependence on fossil fuels. (AP Photo/C ...

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75 Articles

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EUROPE POWER-Heat wave to peak, factored into mixed prompt prices | Energy & Oil | Reuters

... euros/MWh, but at a discount to more heat-exposed France. A heatwave gripping the region last week had driven prompt prices higher on increased air conditioning demand and reduced hydroelectric power and cooling water supplies to thermal plants. One German town, Kitzingen, on Sunday hit a record temperature of 40.3 degrees, surpassing 40.2 degrees reached in 2003, German met office DWD ...

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(232 words by



Steady As She Goes: Lessons for the Clean Power Plan from the Supreme Court's Mercury and Healthcare Decisions | David Doniger

... down," or "blocked" the mercury and air toxics standard (MATS), and put EPA's forthcoming carbon pollution standards into grave doubt. Republican Congressional leaders claimed vindication and coal companies' basement-level stock prices ticked upwards. But the Michigan decision is quite narrow, and the MATS standard can be easily fixed. To be sure, on remand EPA will have to make a new ...

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2 Articles

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Republican climate advocate makes big 2016 campaign gift | Reuters

... the party in the end." Ayotte has shown a tendency to split with fellow Republicans on climate issues. When Republican leaders in the Senate made passing a bill to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada their top priority early this year, Ayotte voted for the bill, like all of her fellow party members in the 100-member chamber. But she was one of five Republicans to also ...

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11 Articles

(351 words by



Study urges 10 climate actions to curb warming, lift GDP | Reuters

... worth $16.6 trillion by 2050, the report said. Last year, the Commission said action to combat climate change, mainly shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energies such as solar and wind power, could lift economic growth rather than depress it as many governments fear. WEIGHING THE COSTS Apart from energy efficiency and cities, Tuesday's report recommended greater focus on forestry, ...

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Act: 20.80%
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4 Articles

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French architect firm designs a sustainable vertical city to be installed in the Sahara desert | Reuters

... firm has proposed building a futuristic mixed-use tower in the world's biggest desert. The tower's design is based on renewable resources like rainwater collection, solar power and geothermal energy to make it an entire sustainable city in one building. French-Moroccan architect Manal Rachdi is behind the 450 meter tower design, which would have a floor area of 780,000 square meters (ap ...

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Pol: 4.36%
Act: 25.67%
Per: 1.68%
Que: 0.00%
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3 Articles

(572 words by



U.S. ethanol makers race to expand even with policy uncertainty | Reuters

... NEW YORK/CHICAGO, July 6 Some U.S. ethanol producers are racing to bring on capacity, pushing output to fresh highs even as soaring corn prices tighten margins and the nation's biofuels program faces prolonged uncertainty. Betting on exports and robust domestic fuel demand, four companies are finalizing expansions and projects that will add 375 million gallons of corn-based ethanol capacity ...

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3 Articles

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Carbon Credits

Schumer: Carbon tax doable with Democratic Senate, Hillary as president | Washington Examiner

... Democrats would reject it, calling it "regressive." But Schumer, who is in line to take over as the Senate Democratic leader after Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid retires in 2016, said a carbon tax is a type of value-added tax his party would support. "But there's one sort of [value-added tax] Democrats might be for and that's a carbon tax. So you might get a compromise along those lines," ...

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